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As fashion presents its fashion shows a few months before the season, we’re free to prepare for what will be well in advance. Today we offer you to discover the scoop on 2020 spring-summer trends that will animate the jewelry universe.

Here, finally, a guide jewelry trends that assist not just an accumulation of future upcoming collections but advises. Oops! Who takes the risk of an opinion!


The beginnings of these spring summer 2020 jewelry trends, we could see them during New York Fashion Week. They have been confirmed in Paris, Milan, and London so that today we’ve a good idea of what will be fashion in the months to come. Besides, we can already see some of these trends, since workshops have already integrated them into their jewelry collection. Vintage jewelry with a bohemian touch, the pearl addressed in a contemporary way, the juxtaposition of colors, chains, Creole earrings, tribal and marine jewelry: these are the main themes of jewelry today.


From catwalks to jewelry studios, designers continue to have fun with 3-dimensional spheres. Whether they draw their inspiration from planets, magic crystal balls, or Christmas balls, jewelry has lost the sphere…for balls! They are interpreted in a variety of ways, from the medallion to the dangling earrings through the pendants.


Chokers are making a comeback in terms of 2020 jewelry trends. But we are not talking about the delicate stackable chokers that were in fashion a while ago. Rather, they are imposing short necklaces that will not appeal to everyone.


If you are not a fan of these latest trends, you can take refuge in the long erotic chains, whether in Y or lariat style. And if it is a little too long for your taste, nothing prevents you from making several chokers to obtain the desired length.

Logo jewelry

Yes, but no. Chanel can afford to offer earrings feature two C, multiple accessories when the name of the house appears more or less. Other houses are following the same trend. And for my part…I’ve the right not to love.

Giant Seashell

They made their debut several seasons ago. They’ve made their ways on model lobes in colorful cowries, in gyspet anklets or beach trophy necklace, and since then, they’re still in fashion. Next summer, the trend will still be for shell jewelry, but this time we assume them in XXL version, almost exaggerated.

Flower power

An explosion of flowers announcing the arrival of spring. So invites it with flower necklaces, brooches, and earrings in the maxi version.

Jewel micro bag

Jacquemus had launched the trend by presenting its spring-summer collection upstream last June in a field of Provencal lavender, the flagship piece of his wardrobe. The Chiquito bag was now available in an XXS version to wear around the neck. A few months later, this fashion trend continues during Fashion Week, including Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi. They’ve propelled the mini bag into jewelry accessory range.

Rough stones

Walking in the track of the wellness wave has stunned the jewel sphere for several years. Advocating the virtues of stones, the creators exploit it in its most raw phase, for a silhouette infused with good vibes.

Into the wild

Wild animals, straight from the savannah or the jungle, is a beautiful statement jewel of this season, to assert its wild side. In handcuff, necklace, or earrings, the creators sublimated them with gold, silver, diamonds, or valuable stones, for an even more unique bestiary.

Girl with a pearl

It is the most favorite jewel of Parisian women. The asymmetrical baroque pearl or pearly ball with perfect contours give the stylish and enchanting look to your personality. It is like an eternal piece that will never get tired.

Very long dangling earrings

The parades showed earrings with stones, pearls, or rhinestones. More or less successfully. Some loops were mounted with chains. Others were decorated with pendants like pompoms and tassels. That said, one characteristic dominates: they’re very long.

Mono or asymmetric loops

It can be stunning! Afterward, to be transparent with you, it generally sells less. Well! You’ll love watching the asymmetric mode, mismatched or single-loop in others. In any case, you’re less daring to get started. What I can understand. So I’m thinking of kicking the ball. Except for a huge favorite, of course.

Fashions change so fast…! I’m really on the side of those who choose to keep their course, over time. Keep an eye on top jewelry trends that perfectly completes your outfit. Chic, sober or bohemian jewelry, Hippie Folk or Gypsy trend, all make you glamorous lady. Always keep the goal of beautiful elegance, exceptional harmony, and distinctive charm.

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