10 Best Ways to Avoid Burglary

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10 Best Ways to Avoid Burglary

An alarm system is effective and has a strong deterrent effect. But that is not enough to stop burglars. Criminals use thousands of tricks to break into your home. By leaving small clues at home, you make it easier for them. A burglary lasts only 5 minutes on average. One minute to enter the home, 3 minutes to pick up anything of value. And another minute to leave home. After that, the chances of getting caught are much higher. Follow our advice, step by step to reduce the risk of theft.

1.   Store your tools

Forgetting to put away your DIY or gardening tools is a serious mistake. Since burglars sometimes use ingenuity to get into action. A ladder left outside the house can be a boon to facilitate their work. If you can’t put it in your garage, fix it on the floor or put a big padlock.

2.   No key under the mat!

We know! Putting the key under the mat is practical, but by no means prudent. Burglars will only have to bend down and turn the mat over to find their happiness. Same thing with the flower pots. Find a more difficult place to find or simply entrust your keys to a loved one!

3.   No precise message on the answering machine

Informing your friends of your absence is good. Give an exact date or indication of a long absence, certainly not! Don’t put a message announcing your absence on voicemail. Even don’t spread it on social networks. By calling home, burglars can simply realize that they’ll have space to take action. So don’t leave too specific a message.

4.   Ask to empty your mailbox

If your mailbox is full of letters and flyers, burglars quickly deduce that you’re not at home. The expert also suggests suspending the subscription to mail and newspapers. Consider asking your neighbor or friends to pick up the mail in your absence. And in winter, don’t forget to clear entrances and balcony.

5.   Make the right choice of windows

On the ground floor, your windows are a prime target of burglars. Even when you close your shutters, the protection is often not optimal. So remember to equip your windows with burglar-resistant panes or solid bars.

6.   Beware of your jewelry and valuables

Often, valuable jewelry is hidden in the same places. Such as a bedroom, bathroom, drawers in the dining room. This is a boon for burglars as they can easily find them. Discover more secure hiding places or invest in a safe.

7.   Beware of social networks!

Burglars carefully follow social networks. 80% of them learn about their future victims in through it. Hence avoid spreading your privacy. Especially your absences on Facebook, Twitter, or sharing your vacation photos on Instagram immediately.

8.   Reinforce the openings

Are your doors and windows locked? Are they sufficiently beefy to withstand a stubborn and equipped thief? If not, your security is in threat. The majority of insurance claims are due to trespassing through the doors. It is possible to reinforce them with steel plates. It is the best way to protect the mechanism of the lock and the frame. Grids can also be installed in the basement windows. And fixing bars on doors and windows complicates the task of criminals.

9.   Check the solidity of your front door

This is often the first route burglars take to enter your home. So check if your front door is in excellent condition: angles, hinges and lock. You can also install shielding to enhance your security.

10.               Simulate your presence

Making burglars believe that someone is there is a significant deterrent. Most burglaries happen when an absence is noticed. To do this, either you request the cooperation of your neighbor or you have a remote activation and closing system for your shutters. On the other hand, do not leave the television or the radio on, which would consume far too much energy.

Nothing can warranty the security of your home during your absence. Though, a little planning and a trustworthy security provider will prevent you from going down the drain. This will also make your properties much less attractive to burglars. Hope the above tips will help you to secure your home from burglary.

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