Eight tips to secure your passwords

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Eight tips to secure your passwords

It’s been a topic that has been around for over a decade. Yet the general call for more attention and vigilance when it comes to security in password selection is more than ever a hot topic. Did you know that it can take only a few seconds for a malicious person to crack your password? To prevent such a situation, it is essential to create strong passwords.

They’re crucial to create and secure a website, your social networks, and your mailbox. Moreover, they’re imperative to protect your personal or professional information. In a nutshell, passwords are part of our life and our universe. But if the password to protect your privacy and your professional life is poorly created and especially poorly managed, they can become a handicap and above all. This means an easy target for hackers.

Are you using such type of passwords, “123456”, “qwerty”, “password” and “iloveyou”? If yes, get ready to change it because your accounts are far from secure.

It is sometimes effortless for attackers to discover a password, and when this happens, it is a direct entry into your personal data.

To avoid such a situation, it is essential to make your password un-crackable. Let’s discuss how you can do it.

  1. Avoid reuse of passwords

Many of us use only one password for all of our personal and digital networks accounts for the sake of remembering.

However, it’s not an ace practice so, try to avoid it. Because if hackers gain access to your password, he would have easy access to all your personal and sensitive information.

Choose a unique password for each account to keep your accounts safe and secure.

  1. Use a password generator

The password generator is the easiest and most accessible software tool. It will provide you with a series of random letters and figures, difficult to remember, but also challenging to hack.

LastPass and Dashlane are prestigious password generator tools. They’ll give you the possibility to choose the length of the latter. You can even select whether or not to embrace the password with numbers, letters, and symbols.

  1. Make your Password long

Do you not want to use a password generator? Fine. You may prefer to create it yourself. If yes, focus on the length. This means that you need to insert more than ten characters, 12 and 14 being excellent averages. The lengthier your password is, the more complicated it will be to predict or guess by intruders.

  1. Vary the characters

Along with the number of characters, also take into consideration their types for a robust password.

Ideally, it must contain four diverse characters:

  • Uppercase letters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters
  • Feel free to mix well to get a random effect.
  1. Prefer the random

Your password must not have any particular meaning. For instance, a date of birth, a nickname, your mother’s name, or your dog’s name, etc. Even don’t use a logical sequence of figures and letters.

Choose a random and simple password, which means nothing.

  1. Change your password regularly

For more security, it is recommended to periodically change your password. Especially in business or trade, where they give access to sensitive data.

Quickly change your password:

  • If a person leaves your enterprise
  • Or if you stop your collaboration with a provider to access some of your accounts.
  1. Remember your passwords

Once your password created so that it is safe, you realize that it is cumbersome to remember. Especially since you have several if you’ve followed tip # 1.

In this situation, most people prefer to write them down in a notebook, on a smartphone, in a plain text, or email. This is a horrible idea! Unless you want your passwords to be stolen easily…!

So what can you do for it? Use your memory or…!

  1. Use a password manager.

A password manager is the form of a database. With it, you do not need to remember dozens of passwords. It can store your login details and passwords. Of course, you’ve to enter a password to access it. But the advantage is you’ve to remember only one password.

Keepass is an excellent password manager. The National Information Systems Security Agency has evaluated its security.

We hope the above tips help you to make your social and personal account secure. So create a strong password to beat hackers, if you’ve any questions, comment below.

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