Awesome Kitchen organization Ideas that make your life easier

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Awesome Kitchen organization Ideas that make your life easier

Cooking is not always easy…! We have a few tested and approved tips to make your life in the kitchen easier! Little tips that save time and allow you to succeed in your recipes every time! It’s not much, but it changes everything! In this article, l have also thrown some extra ideas that can help you save money and time.

A tidy kitchen where everything has its own place, it really makes you want to cook. To this end, everything has to be thought to be handy, depending on the activity you lead. For example, if the dining area is in the kitchen, dishes, table sets will be close to it. When preparing the meal, the work plan must be as clear as possible to give you freedom of movement associated with saving time. Except for small appliances like coffee maker, kettle, a toaster that must be available at all times!

Start by making a plan!

Before you start tidying up, make a plan. Your plates, cups, and bowls should be as close as possible to the dishwasher.

Your cooking utensils, pots, and pans should be placed close to the oven and hobs. Your priority is to manage all the products according to your cooking habits.

Properly store food in your kitchen cupboards

For storage, there are different types of food. Keep vegetables, dairy products, meat, and fragile products in the refrigerator. Foods such as pasta and canned will be placed at another location. Under your work plan, store essential food in a deep drawer.

Place an adjustable splitter to store salty foods like pepper, oil, salt, vinegar, mustard in a compartment. Another box is reserved for sweet. Coffee, tea, powdered, and lump sugar will take place there. The bottles of spices on the caps of which you will stick a small label what they contain fill another compartment. So you won’t have to take out each bottle to find out what’s in it. Flour, pasta, lentils, cereals, rice are also placed in this drawer.

If your kitchen is large enough, you can pour these latter foods into identical glass jars. After that, place them on a shelf at eye level. It’s decorative and practical at the same time. For reserve provisions, canned goods, cookies, drinks, UHT milk, a place further away from the work surface such as a cupboard, will be perfectly suitable.

The cutest racks for cutlery

Of course, elephant-shaped dish drainer is beneficial to dry the dishes. In addition to being cute, it is convenient, since the water escapes through its trunk.

Save space in the closets

To use all the space of the cupboard, we can hang the glasses upside down (it also works with the cups) and opts for a small shelf to store even more dishes over the plates.

Hooks for hanging kitchen utensils

A good alternative to already congested drawers. Of course, the shelf inside the cupboard does not knock directly on the door. Otherwise, we cannot close it again once the utensils are hung.

Drawers under furniture

The drawers hide where you don’t expect them, as close to the floor as possible. Much better than storing bulky items above furniture, out of reach.

How to store household items and products?

The rolls of aluminum foil, paper towels, trash bags, freezer bags, and the stretch film will be stored together in a shallow drawer near the work surface and the trash can. Placed on the wall, the wall dispensers gathering all these items are more rational than separate distributors.

Household products should not be mixed with food for obvious safety reasons. Keep the products used for cleaning the worktop, the sink, the hob, and the dishwasher near the sink. These products should not be accessible to children.

If you’ve known any other tip to organize the kitchen efficiently, let me know in the comment.

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