Evergreen Real Estate Tips to buy a house of dream

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Evergreen Real Estate Tips to buy a house of dream

You’ve selected the real estate ads that correspond to paper to your expectations. Now, you are just waiting for one thing: to visit the houses. Be careful, during your meetings, discuss all the essential subjects: roofing, insulation, heating, humidity, etc. Our guide is here to help you ask the right questions to the real estate agent or seller.

A kitchen opens to the dining room as you have always dreamed of, a pretty garden with trees, a spacious bathroom, etc. The house you are about to discover seems to meet your criteria. Stay unbiased in a sales context. A house visit is done fairly quickly, sometimes even in less than 30 minutes. So be alert, have all your senses alert. To prepare, here are some tips.

Questions to ask a real estate agent

First of all, ask why they’re selling the house. It will help you to access the value of the property. Also, try to determine how long the seller lives there.

Detect the presence of cracks or deterioration on exterior facades

Discover the condition of the property before buying. Ask about the ground movement, moisture problem or workmanship at the time of construction, etc. These signs are to be detected immediately because they denounced a building solidity problem.

Examine the general condition of the house

Inspect shutters, roofing, fence, garden, etc. At a glance, you can see if you need to consider renovations. By arriving early, you can take the time to check these last 2 points quietly: facade and general condition.

Once inside, check the floors

For example, are the floors flat, even in each room and between rooms? Irregularity can be a sign of structural weakness. Also, look at the flooring and make sure they are well suited to the room where they are: the carpet or bare wooden floors are not recommended in wet rooms (bathroom or kitchen). You can always change the coatings, but you will then add the cost of this work to your budget.

For your health and that of your family, make sure the house is well ventilated

Start by asking questions about the ventilation system: which system is installed, and when was it installed? Is it still in good condition? Track traces of moisture on walls, floors, and especially in water areas (mold, black marks). Moisture can cause problems both in terms of the rapid deterioration of housing on your health (irritation, cough, etc.).

 Check the condition of the electrical system

Look at the level of outdated equipment (taken 2 or 3 pins) and check if the electrical panel is in good condition. Examine the presence of earth leakage circuit breakers as well as the number and labeling of outlets with mention of the part and the terminals supplied. Ask for the electrical diagnosis. It is compulsory for electrical installations older than 15 years. You will have everything in hand to judge the quality and safety of the electrical system and assess potential work required.

Multiply the visits

Come back to see the house several times to gauge the neighborhood at different times of the day: accessibility, traffic jams, noise pollution. If nowadays you must have to make a prompt decision on whether to make an offer, do not miss to visit many homes to find one of your dreams.

What are the criteria for this property?

Do not hesitate to ask the criteria of this property from a real estate agent. What is its orientation? What is its surface? What is the area of the exteriors? How much could I rent if I decide to make a rental investment? So much information that promoters know by heart. So do not be reluctant to ask the question in order to make the best choice.

Where are the car parks, of course, but especially if they are rented or not, at what price, and obviously the amount of property tax and charges? The environment, that is to say, what is around these parking lots for sale, is also very important. As these are parking spaces, it is interesting to ask if they are lockable and possibly rent them more expensive.

The first telephone contact with the seller or real estate agent is also the opportunity to ask a crucial question: the price of the lot is negotiable or firm? I think, also ask about the security level of the possessions?

Feel free to ask all these questions before buying a home to make a perfect decision. The real estate agent has the answers to your questions if he has been on-site visiting the property lots for sale.


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