How to decorate your new home?

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How to decorate your new home

Having a new house, everyone dreams. However, it still remains to decorate it. Although renovating your new home may seem easy, it is not always the case. If you are building a new house, then it is time to think about interior design. Comfort and modern design of new dwellings agree with many styles: industrial, Scandinavian, retro, antiques…!

Let’s explore the industrial, Scandinavian, and retro decoration together. It helps you choose the style of your future home that best suits your tastes and desires. Here, we have hauled tips for decorating your new home.

Now that you have a new house just for you, it is essential to decorate it so that it is like you. Surely you already have an idea of the type of decoration that appeals to you. So all you have to do is put it into practice. Of course, you can also take inspiration from other existing models. For example, you just need to go online to find ideas for cooking styles, unusual bathrooms, or original living room decor. However, make sure that you have the budget to implement the desired style. It would be a shame if all the rooms were not decorated and furnished to the same standard.

Each room has its own style

It is not necessary to give the same style to all the rooms in your new house. By doing so, you’ll only be creating significant monotony throughout the house. It is essential to give each room its style, its soul. For example, the decoration of bedrooms will depend mainly on the people who will live in the bedrooms in question. The trendiest styles to decorate your new home are:

1 – The industrial style

The industrial style is directly inspired lofts in the city of New York, where old abandoned factories and abandoned warehouses have been converted into modern design accommodation. The primary materials used are metal, solid wood, red brick, and glass (canopies with black joinery). Here are some tips for integrating this style into your new home.

  • Browse flea markets and classified ads sites in search directly from furniture factories (dressing rooms, metal lockers, wooden reels, Jielde lamps, pallets )
  • Prefer large volumes and break the walls (open plan kitchen, a mezzanine overlooking the living room, large staircase in the middle of the room)
  • Use raw materials such as metal, solid wood, brick, and glass,
  • Divert the use of objects, for example, use old pallets to make a coffee table or even kitchen furniture.

Tip: if you don’t have an exposed brick wall, opt for the imitation brick wallpaper, which will do the trick.

Be careful. The industrial style is suitable for people who like rough interiors. If you are not one of these people, industrial decoration may seem cold to you.


Get in touch with your new home builder to design house plans that incorporate furnishings and industrial decoration.

2 – Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style comes directly from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway) where the winters are harsh, which means that we spend a lot of time on our own and that our interior must help us to feel good. Since the 19th century, the Danes have used the term “hygge” to translate this feeling of well-being amid beautiful furnishings and decorative objects. Here are some tips to give a Scandinavian atmosphere to your new home:

  • Use neutral paints like off-white, gray, and pastel (sparingly to highlight certain furniture),
  • Bring the light into your interior as much as possible using Velux, skylights, large bay windows,
  • Choose a light wooden floor, such as with a solid pine flooring,
  • Opt for functional furniture and lots of storage,
  • Showcase your decorative accessories using shelves, or even wine boxes.
  • Light candles everywhere
  • Dress your interior with textiles (with or without patterns) such as cushions, rugs
  • Hang curtains on the windows. According to natives, the windows in Scandinavia always have curtains.

3-The Retro Style

Retro styles are used to describe interior decorating themes. They’re influenced by past decorative styles and trends. The term retro used to describe the abode décor from the 1950s, and 60s. Retro style decoration has fun with a bright design, such as a bold approach. Here are some tips to give a retro-style touch to your home.

  • Add a dash of colors with multi-colored pillows on broad and elongated sofas
  • Draw your attention with a diner-style kitchen with bright red seated shiny chrome barstool.
  • The most popular retro color, Avocado green, will enhance the look of your room.
  • Give retro style to your home with soft vinyl, shag carpeting, natural wood, mix tiles, smooth plastics, and crushed velvet.
  • Give bold style to your home with fuzzy throw rugs, door beads, lava lamps, floor lamp, skate tables, swag multi-colored chandelier, and scoop stools.

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