Fashion: a game of influence

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Fashion a game of influence

Fashion represents a substantial economic and cultural stake. It is a strategic and symbolic sector of the world. Paris has long been the fashion capital of the world. It remains one of the significant places in the context of international competition from super creative cities.

It is a prestigious aesthetic expression that improves the quality of our life. A look at your outfit express your personality and boost your confidence.

It is often thanks to the “domino effect” that a new idea will be copied or reinterpreted. The interesting question to ask is where this idea first ends and how we accept without questioning by as the “new trend.”

First, it is clear that fashion cycles are repeated. The more “old fashioned” a style or color is, the more likely it is to be the trend for next season. Fashion trends greatly influenced society’s values and culture.

But where does the trend come from?

The influences of society and culture

Fashion can sometimes seem superficial. It remains sensitive to all the forces that influence the state of our society, world events, the social climate, etc.

Offering bright and colorful clothes to a depressed population or dark clothes to an overexcited or very optimistic community does not work. A trend reflects the general style that society also decides to adopt according to their mood. Thus, following the terrorist attacks of 2001, the appearance of camouflage and military prints in the collections of 2001/2002 appeared!

The economic crisis of the beginning of the century encouraged certain stylists to move away from opulence and extravagance. And to move towards a more “grunge” and revolutionary style which married better with the rebellious spirit than some wanted Inspire.

Greater respect for the environment is also observed for several years. Return to natural fabrics – cotton, linen, biodegradable, inspiring a return to tradition, and the development of human values.

Finally, countries with their cultures will also exert a great influence on the adoption of a new trend. When Christian Dior released his “New Look” in 1947, it was to encourage Parisians to regain femininity. Also, indulge themselves with a sense of exotic and luxury after a war marked by sobriety and savings. This method was followed in Europe but has not hung in America, where the government discouraged extravagance and promoted a rather sleek and classic style.

Fashion is an art which has both positive and negative effect. It affects the self-esteem of people and stimulates them to express themselves.

The impact of the fashion designer and the role of advertising

These are the trend offices that give designers beneficial information on the trend. These fashion ideas come from the street and young people, in particular, clothing, musical, cinematographic trends, etc. The talent of the designer is to interpret his creativity and style. Sometimes to anticipate them, or sometimes to follow only his intuition.

Does the fashion designer course have a massive influence on what the company will carry from season to season?

Understanding the application of design helps the designer to determine which material and fabric are needed to make it work. Some creators are fully responsible for ultimately acquired fashions now. Coco Chanel’s black dress, the Burberry trench coat, but it’s probably to Yves Saint Laurent that we owe the most, having popularized the Saharans, the pea coat, the costumes, the women’s tuxedo, the waders, and the list keeps ongoing.

Following the shows, advertising campaigns and significant fashion editions duty to interpret these collections and encourage readers the desire to imitate them.

In the 80s, Calvin Klein released a whole series of advertising photos that showed the underpants over the jeans with the brand name prominently displayed. And yes! All of you parents who try to discourage your children from being so provocative, you owe it to the American designer!

Hence, fashion affects the social aspect of life and stimulates and promotes creativity.

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