How Showbiz and Entertainment Influence Real lives

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How Showbiz and Entertainment Influence Real lives

When you read the words entertainment and showbiz, your first guesses are probably televisions and film artists. Because that’s what the entertainment industry is all about. Television has been ruling our entertainment circle for a very long time now. This screen box has been displaying millions of images of people, places and other objects throughout the time frame. Its invention has brought us pleasure, curiosity and consciousness boosters throughout it’s display history. But with the passage of time, displaying what is not true has some what become a bit common through these screens,.


Entertaining ourselves with hilarious shows and people through screens has been a part of our lives for very long. It’s a small joy that everyone adapts throughout their daily routines. But when we come to think about the effects of its presence in our lives, does it really prove itself worthy of being present? Let’s have a look at some basic points related to showbiz and entertainment interference with our lives.


Reality is somewhat not real anymore

Leaving a huge cinema with a satisfied heart from watching an adventurous movie of your favorite hero is one way to define happiness. Or going to a famous fashion show presented by your favorite designer is truly called pleasurable. Or maybe going to a game zone filled with all your favorite game characters and cosplays is somewhat related to the same category too. All of this reflects our lives massively. We have come to invent millions of entertaining reasons for ourselves. Because no one wants to live a boring simple life in this century.


We have somewhat indulged ourselves too much into these two categories. Loving the expensive products and buying them intentionally is every woman’s dream. Looking like one’s favorite actress is completely a woman’s pleasure and concern. But while mentioning this statement, a fact comes out of this which is  bit disturbing. We are applying traditions over us more than we can handle. We are fantasizing over things we can’t buy. We need to bring ourselves to know that entertainment is only entertaining enough for our eyes.


We are what we do not what we see

Fame and popularity have become every individual’s dream. It does not matter anymore what you are going, as long as it’s entertaining and will give you more views. All those concerns are to get popular and earn from that unworthy fame. Due to this objective, people have started supporting it too. They want crazy entertainment around them which they can enjoy at all times, not something they can learn from.


Entertainment and showbiz definitely affect our lives in both positive and negative ways. If taken in a good way, one can get influential lessons from what he sees and try to make his life better. But if one gets dissolved into worldly pleasures if what he is watching, it will surely bring him into depths of despair. So what solution should actually be worth out of this phenomenon?


We need to practice more to be reality lovers instead of being followers like a herd of sheep. Sure, the glamorous lifestyles and products around you are alluring enough to distract you but do not let it get to your head. Consider the reality with your situation, earn what’s best and reachable for you. Do not go into debts just for pleasure reasons. Be keen for what you can and leave what you cant bear. Let that entertainment just entertain you, rather than indulge you into false dreams. It’s best to sleep at night than a daydream in the day.



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