How to decide to travel in 2020?

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How to decide to travel in 2020

There’re various factors take into account when considering what to travel next. Cost of accommodation to weather and seasons are all necessary to select a destination. Of course, there is no quick fix for regularly going at a low cost. What’s more, many blogs are already on this topic and will probably give you various tips. So we’re not going to be unique, but this article may be useful for “beginners.”

We would also like to discuss with you the subject of some remarks, sometimes annoying, that we can hear. Here is a little anthology: “How many weeks of vacation do you have?” You are still traveling, say so! “You can afford to move around the world. You’re in luck! “,” Are you thinking of the baby too? “And much more … So yes, having a lot of time off (which is not the case with us!) And having savings for travel can go a long way to nurturing our passion for travel.

However, the price of a trip is partly a matter of choice from the comfort you want. Money makes it easier to travel more often and to have better comfort services. But having a small budget does not exclude travel as such. However, choices will have to be made both over the periods and accommodation or even modes of transport. All of this is a matter of choice that should be respected.

Choice of destination:

The first step is to set your budget and the season in which you want to go. For the budget, don’t forget to include the costs related to the entire trip: plane tickets, car rental, accommodation, meals, and activities.

To choose the best destination, you can browse via desktop. There’re myriads useful sites that offer a list of destinations. These lists not only suggest places according to the season but also the average budgets. We also usually browse the forums of the following sites: the backpacker, travel-forum, and of course, many blogs that we discover through the search engine. 

Ponder over your interest

Choose the destination where you can easily keep up your hobbies. For example, if you love hiking and mountain climbing, then prefer the place where you can go with it. So ask yourself some queries about what you’re seeking? Or what you want to see? Are you want to do energetic, healthy activities on your journey, or you just want to relax and chill out? Is shopping and eating ace food vital on the itinerary? Are you looking for more of a culture vulture? So, whether you want to hang out on a beach or want to get lost in the mountain, choose what you like.

Consider Weather and Season

Do we want this to end up with nature? In the sun, under the snow? Or exploring the vibrant and cultural atmosphere of the big cities? So many questions that allow us to know what one and the others wish to see. When we do not agree, we put our ideas on paper and put them in order of preference, and then we discuss…!

Of course, if you want to move at the ideal time, you enter the so-called high season, with prices at the highest. Because the rate of flights and accommodation is 2 to 3 times more expensive than in the low season, so if you want to organize a tour in a low budget, you should make a go in the low season or at the beginning or the end of the high season. You will probably save some money, and the weather may not be that bad…!

We offer some examples of destinations to do according to the seasons:

December to March: The West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique, etc.), Asia (Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc.) or Cuba.

April- June: Costa Rica, Brazil, and Peru: Central and Latin America and the eastern United States.

July-September: Indonesia, Iceland, South Africa, Europe.

October-December: Argentina, Japan.

We also offer you some specific destination ideas for the discoveries you want to make. This list is far from exhaustive:

Nature & nothing but quality place: Costa Rica, Reunion Island, Iceland, Argentina, and Alaska.

Beaches & nautical activities: French Polynesia, West Indies, Maldives, Seychelles, Corsica.

City & Entertainment: New York, London, Amsterdam, Berlin.

City & Culture: Budapest, Prague, Rome, Paris.

How do you like to travel?

After choosing your destination, the critical step is how you want to travel. Do you want to go independently or group travel appeal to you more? Think according to your needs and interest. In a nutshell, please take into account your budget, interest, goals, and travel style, as it makes it easier for you to choose your next travel or destination.

I hope this article helps you a lot to choose your next trip. Don’t hesitate to share your travel tips in a comment.

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