The best ways for packing your travel bag like a pro

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The best ways for packing your travel bag like a proThe best ways for packing your travel bag like a pro

Have you ever found yourself frantic? Have you planned a tour with your family? Do you’ve to stuff your bag of clothes within hours of your departure to the airport? Do you not know how to pack lighter and quicker? Then this article will help you a lot. Today, we gonna discuss some essential tips that help you to pack your bag perfectly.

Traveling light means more freedom and better prices. Indeed, the airlines charge your checked luggage with registration fees. Besides, you’ve to arrive early for boarding and disembarking.

Packing your bags can be annoying and exhausting. It may cause you to pull your hair out or give you cold sweats. Especially if you’ve to do it often – yet that is not necessarily the case. If you pack neatly, you can save a lot of money, exclusively when traveling on low-cost lines. If you don’t want to pay more and you prefer to pack all the items in your free carry-on baggage, you should follow a few rules:

We choose a backpack instead of a suitcase – it’s more “flexible”. If necessary, you can put a little more on yourself, to reduce its volume,

We only take vital things; you can buy the rest on site.

Choose the right bag

Pick the right bag for your trip is essential. Choose the bag or suitcase according to your needs to get success in packing achievement. There’re various types of suitcases in the market, from backpacks and carry-on bags to duffels and large rolling suitcases.

Pack your outfit with peace of mind

Prepare your luggage the day before, regardless of departure time, and, most importantly, do not load. No matter how conscientious you’re, choose the right wardrobe. Simplify the process by selecting outfits and clothes that you frequently wear, instead of turning over your entire wardrobe. Did you forget something? No stress – remember that you will be able to buy most of the items once at your destination.

Roll your cloth over and over

Traveling with a small suitcase on wheels can give you comfort. Instead of folding tightly, roll up your clothes. It saves a lot of space and prevents wrinkles. For small items like jewelry and toothbrushes, store them in a small storage box or disposable plastic gloves. It help you to keep everything separate and organize.

Use local toiletries

To travel lighter and move more quickly through security with your carry-on. Let the big bottles of shampoo and lotions at home. Try to keep a mini shampoo bottle and toothpaste. You can stock up at the local pharmacy or supermarket and to stay glamorous throughout your trip (advice for the ladies).

Prepare everything prudently

Prepare your luggage carefully so that you can take only the things that will really serve you. Start identifying your essential such as running shoes, swimsuit, sunglasses, hats, and a book. Then go to the outfits that suit your activities during the trip and determine the items that duplicate (can this skirt go with two different tops? If not, drop it.)

Spend a few days to re-evaluate the luggage. Additionally, fight the temptation to stuff your bag with items that you’re sure impulsively.

Always have a change of clothes

Although it’s best to travel with only hand luggage. If you need to pack a big suitcase, use carry-on luggage for your change of clothes. If you were to be blocked a day or two without your suitcase (you would not wear the same underwear for four straight days, is not it?)

Additional tip: Keep the fabric bags that accompany new shoes or luggage. Wrap smaller items like socks, handkerchief, underwear or swimsuits and kept them in your shoes. Don’t forget to bring an extra bag. It will save you from the mixing of clean and dirty clothes.

Other Miscellaneous

Make sure you cover the basics: bring your passport, debit and credit cards, tablet, phone and charger, headphones.  Furthermore, also keep chewing- gums, tissues, bandages, makeup, and painkillers. Pack the fragile and leaky items in a plastic seal.

Other best tips from above all

  • Try not to pack your bags at the last minute. The ace thing is to pack your bags the day before. If you are too eager, you may stress and fill your backpack.
  • Try to keep a quarter of your bag empty. It facilitates loading and unloading and can be used for the storage of souvenirs or gifts.
  • Bring a compact inflatable travel pillow
  • Take a universal travel adapter with two USB ports, not to worry about all the different electrical outlets in the world. It also allows you to charge a laptop and two other devices via USB simultaneously.

Hope these tips will help you to pack your traveling bag like a pro. Share your packing experience with us.

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