Sport and health: What are the benefits of physical activity?

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Sport and health: What are the benefits of physical activity

First of all, let it be said, there is no age to start sport!

Physical activity is a very effective way to lose weight and keep you slim and toned figure. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, it is also an excellent ally for your immune defenses and your general well-being. Intensive or regular practice of a sport helps prevent many chronic, mental, or age-related illnesses.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of physical activity on your body and your overall quality of life.

What physical activity to practice?

To start with, we need to come back to what it means to “do the physical activity,” as some sports are more suitable than others.

When choosing your activity, the choice available to you is particularly vast.

All sports are beneficial to your body unless there are contraindications related to your physical condition — for instance, pregnancy, specific handicaps, and particular disorders. Physical activities include jogging, swimming, bodybuilding, collective sport, and aerobics at home. You’ve to decide your activity based on your preferences. The important thing is to devote at least 30 minutes every day. This activity is suitable for your age and physical ability, or it will generate nothing but frustration.

Among the most popular sports activities, walking is a favorite. Indeed,  it integrates perfectly into your daily activities. Moreover, it is effortless in the sense that it requires no equipment. For its part, bodybuilding is also a beneficial activity to maintain muscle mass. You should know that the damage of time is considerable; from the age of 30, we lose an average of 0.5% of our muscle mass per year. Sport intervenes here as a true elixir of youth, helping to regenerate bone, muscle, or nerve.

Whatever activity you choose, start slowly, gradually increasing the intensity over the sessions. Observe your body’s signals and know to stop when necessary. A drive always necessarily begins with a general warm-up. Start in the form of light jogging, and ends with ten to fifteen minutes of recovery and stretching. During which you will decrease gradually exercise, and therefore the heart rate.

The physical benefits of sport

Sports and exercise provide various health benefits to our body. It reduces the risk of several diseases and improves your overall quality of life. Let’s discuss some health benefits of sport.

Sport strengthens the heart and regulates tension

One of the main advantages of the sport is to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It helps to optimize blood circulation through a vasodilation effect on blood vessels. With training, the heart will, therefore, beat more slowly at rest as a result, less tired. The decrease in resistance during blood circulation will also induce a drop in blood pressure.

Sport helps maintain the muscle mass

Sporting activity increases strength, endurance, and muscle volume. It, therefore, contributes to the prevention of injuries and various hip, knee, and back pain. Cut to the chase. Sports provide significant benefits for healthy aging.

Sport increases bone mass

Activating the body will stimulate the action of cells in their role of bone-building. This regeneration will solidify your bones and also prevent osteoporosis.

Anti-carcinogenic effect

Numerous scientific studies have revealed the preventive action of sports activity against certain types of cancer. In particular, there is an 18% reduction in the risk of colon cancer or a 21% reduction in the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Beyond the preventive aspect, the sport also allows cancer patients to maintain good physical condition in terms of muscle mass. Further, it plays a positive role in resistance to the treatment and healing process.

Sport prevents joint problems

Regular sports activity promotes nutrition and cartilage mobility. Hence, it prevents various joint pain and osteoarthritis problems.

Sport promotes transit

Besides having more fun to eat, share a better appetite, sport promotes digestion. Thus provides an effective remedy against constipation.

Sport, a quality anti-stress

As a result of the action of endorphins, and the general well-being, stress, and anxiety levels also decreased significantly with the practice of intense sports activity. Beyond its calming effect, the sport also makes it possible to take a break from everyday life. It allows you to forget, for a few hours, the little worries that usually occupy our minds. Subsequently, it helps us to look at these problems with much more serenity.

It is a real tool to fight against stress, anxiety attacks, or even depression. It is more beneficial in children, adolescents, and seniors, who are most affected by the lack of recognition and self-confidence.

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