Surprising Tips to Control the Blood Pressure without Medication

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Surprising Tips to Control the Blood Pressure without Medication

Elevate blood pressure affects more than 10 million people. According to research, raise blood pressure cause 7.5 million death. More than a third of US people are unaware that they suffer from it. Negligence can lead to severe complications. So, before it’s too late, change your lifestyle and diet.

Do you have (hypertension) high blood pressure? Do you want to know how to lower blood pressure naturally and without drugs like beta-blockers? Then this article is for you! Read thoroughly to gain amazing benefits.

Hypertension is a major cardiovascular event risk factors such as heart attacks and stroke, particularly in women. Let’s discuss some tips that help you to get your blood pressure back to normal.

High blood pressure, an insidious disease

High blood pressure is an insidious disease. It doesn’t have clear symptoms at first. So there is only one way to prevent risks, to measure its tension once a year from 40. For 20 years, if one of your parents was suffering from hypertension before age 50. Remember that the average blood pressure rate should not exceed 140/90 at rest.

Medication may or may not be implemented depending on the severity of hypertension. But in all cases, it is crucial to modify and transform your lifestyle to normalize the tension and stress. Carefully applying the following tips, you can lessen your stress from 1 to 1.5 points, even without medication. So there is only one thing that you’ve to do is take action!

Get back into physical activity and stop smoking

The goal is not to become an Olympic champion, but a daily struggle against physical inactivity. Walk or do regular exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Favor endurance activities such as running, swimming, tennis, cycling, gymnastics, golf…!

These physical activities will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, it also helps to stabilize your blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Prevent yourself from the raise of heart rate. You need to continue to talk during exercise unhindered.

Avoid smoking because it quickens the aging of the arteries.

Watch your weight

An overweight person loses weight even moderately helps to reduce tension. consult with your physician or a nutritionist for advice. Reduce the consumption of fatty foods (cheeses, cold meats, pastries …), sweets. Avoid drinking alcohol.

Reduce your sodium intake

If you’ve high blood pressure, no need to impose a salt-free diet unless the doctor recommends you. However, a reduction of salt in the diet is very beneficial. In 30% of hypertensive, hypertension is linked to overconsumption of salt. So it’s vital to lessen the use of your salt shaker.

Additionally, find out the hidden salts contained in industrially manufactured foods. Cold meats, bread, pastries, cheese are its few examples. Replace salt with other spices: garlic, parsley, thyme, onion, herbs…!

Enrich your diet with fruits, vegetables, cereals, and dairy products

Eat at least five fruits and vegetables daily because they are our primary source of potassium with whole grains. However, recent studies have shown that potassium helps reduce blood pressure. Similarly, to a lesser extent, for the consumption of dairy products: lactic acid bacteria have an antihypertensive effect.

Eat potassium-rich food

Potassium help to get rid of sodium and lower the blood pressure on your vessels. Lettuce, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, carrots, turnips, radishes, and banana are potassium-rich foods. Prefer stewing to avoid potassium leakage.

As for dairy products, fermented dairy products still prefer to skim, which is less lipid. Turn to the natural yogurt or cheese rather than the more calorie yogurt fruit.

Get Enough Sleep

The recent study in the health journal reveals that high blood pressure is linked with insomnia. Find out triggers, evening coffee, stress, or late iPad use and avoid it to get enough sleep.

Besides, avoid regular use of anti-inflammatory medications, like ibuprofen, diclofenac, and naproxen, and treat sleep apnea if you have it.

One of the heartwarming events in my practice is when a patient can lower, or even eradicate, blood pressure medications because of healthier lifestyle choices. If you have high blood pressure, don’t miss out on this powerful therapy. I hope these above tips will help you to control your blood pressure. If you know any other remedy, then share it with us in the comment.

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