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Everyone is talking about social media – still. For most companies, social media is an integral part of the marketing strategy. Companies that do not use social media marketing are almost out of the race. A study in the Fortune Top 100 companies on the subject of social media yielded exciting values. But what do these companies get out of it? After all, social media services’ active use primarily causes a lot of work and accordingly costs money. We show you the top 10 reasons why you should also use social media services.

Use of social media does not always make sense

Although we have just listed the most important arguments for using social media, channels do not make sense for every entrepreneur. Because there are enough reasons not to use social media. You can find out what these are in this article:

1st place: Better brand awareness

Eighty-one percent of B2B companies pursue their social media strategy to increase brand awareness. The likelihood that this effect will occur is also very high if you regularly maintain your social media channels. The more users and fans you have, the more people talk about your company and the greater your brand’s awareness. At the same time, you can make an effort to give your brand a positive image by reporting on selected topics that can positively affect you.

2nd place: increase in sales

You can even increase your sales through social media guidelines. In the long term, you will get more visitors to your website, which automatically means more sales as long as the conversation rate is right. However – and you should always be aware of this – such an effect usually takes a while and requires a certain amount of perseverance. You have to “stay tuned.” Get best seo services in Lahore and boast your business.

3rd place: SEO support

With a consistent social media concept, you can also support your SEO strategy in the long term. Seventy-nine percent of B2B companies use social media for this purpose. On the one hand, you practice active link building. On the other hand, your page appears more attractive to Google through regular “reporting” and mentions. You can use it to support your SEO concept actively.

4th place: Improving customer loyalty

Social media keep you in touch with your customers and can react more quickly to problems if necessary. Therefore, this area is also suitable for strengthening the bond with your customers.

5th place: discover the diversity

There are many social media channels, from Facebook to Youtube to StudiVZ or MisterWong. These channels you choose naturally also depend a little on the target group you want to reach. Students are probably best addressed on Facebook or in the SchülerVZ, while you are probably best off with XING for B2B matters. But one thing is sure: the more different media you actively use, the broader the target group you can reach.

6th place: customer product development

You can quickly “get votes” on social media. Are you looking for ideas for new products? Just ask your fans what their wishes are. Take up the pictures of your fans and implement them in the company. This allows you to do something like market research at the same time, closer to the market than any market research institute could do.

7th place: dialogue instead of a monologue

Social media offers you a unique opportunity to get in touch with your customers. Conventional advertising measures are usually structured like a monologue – you hardly get any real feedback from the target group. With social media, there is the possibility to get feedback. Users can react to your messages. In this way, you create a new closeness to the customer and your fans.

8th place: Use the multiplier effect

Social media channels have a remarkable multiplier effect. In this way, depending on the company’s size and the intensity of your efforts, you can reach a few hundred or even several thousand potential prospects. That alone does not make for marketing success. The recipe for the social media concept’s success is that these users report on your news or new products. And so, in the end, many more people notice what is going on in your company.

9th place: Attractive external effect

Companies that show themselves to be up to date on the Internet automatically appear more attractive to the outside world. For a long time, this was primarily true of the younger generation, but now senior citizens are also increasingly important in finding information on the Internet. Companies engaged in various social media services present are so that they stay up to date show.

10th place: Inexpensive advertising

Of course, social media costs money because you have to invest time. But: Compare the costs that are incurred for a few hours of social media and those that would arise, for example, from the design of an advertising campaign in the print media or a TV commercial. These are entirely different orders of magnitude. The effect of social media stays in the back of the mind longer. In short: “Small cause, big effect !”.


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