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Today, social networks have become essential.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, they have become real places for exchange and sharing of information.

This is why social media marketing has quickly taken hold of all businesses.

It is indeed difficult to consider leaving these formidable communication tools aside.

But a lot of entrepreneurs are launching a little blindly on one or the other network.

Result: little or badly funded accounts, which become more counterproductive than anything else.

Because contrary to what you might think, establishing a marketing strategy on networks cannot be improvised.

To allow you to establish a winning strategy, I will give you some information on this 2.0 communication channel.


There are a lot of different social networks.

But not all are conducive to launching a specific marketing strategy.

We must already distinguish the so-called professional social networks, like LinkedIn, for example, from the so-called recreational systems, like Facebook.

The first will not give any results in terms of marketing.

It is, therefore, on the recreational networks that you must concentrate your efforts.

Today, there are three that take the lion’s share.

But again, not all are created equal when it comes to marketing effectiveness.

Here I will tell you about the three major social networks for recreational use, which generally work well if used well. SEO Services in Pakistan provide best social media marketing services.


More than two billion worldwide, Facebook is the great champion of recreational, social networks.

It is, therefore, logically privileged support for deploying a large-scale marketing strategy.

Especially since its mode of operation is very simple.

It only takes a few clicks to create a professional page, immediately operational.

Among all the features offered, you can share articles published on your website.

You can also create promotional posts to highlight your products.

However, the change in the algorithm that took place at the start of the year seriously complicated the task for companies.

Because in January, Facebook decided to give priority to more personal and authentic publications.

All to the detriment of professional pages, which saw their visibility extremely penalized as soon as the updated algorithm was implemented.

If Facebook remains the most used social network today, it is, therefore, necessary to master the algorithm to succeed in maintaining good visibility.


Instagram is also one of the five most used social networks, since it has around a little over one billion users in worldwide.

While it was initially intended for sharing photos, the content has grown over time, with stories in particular.

Now, many businesses rely on Instagram for their social media marketing strategy.

It is indeed a traditional medium, which allows the deployment of advertising on a large scale.

Because it’s big advantage over Facebook is its algorithm, which has not changed.

Although Instagram has been bought out, the social network has kept the same very open algorithm.

Here, no restriction for business accounts!

It is, therefore, a good solution to promote your activity.


YouTube has a few more users than Instagram, since it has 19 million.

It is a preferred medium for most web marketers.

The video format is indeed both fun and educational, which makes it easier to get messages across.

It is easier for users to protect themselves and take an interest in the content than with a very simple visual article.

Unfortunately, the change in algorithm also hurt the pages of the biggest YouTubers, who saw their reach drop.

Here again, you have to know how to dose, and especially test constantly to see what works with your audience.


For effective social media marketing, you may well be present on all three of these media.

The key is to adapt your communication well according to the network you use.


For your marketing strategy on social networks, you have several levers of action.

With one ultimate goal, however: to get people to engage with what you post.


The major power of social networks is precisely their potential for virility.

And for that, you need to push users to engage.

The engagement materializes in particular in the form of likes, shares, and comments.

In short, any user reaction to a publication.

You should know that the more a publication generates engagement, the more it is shown by the algorithm of the social network.

That’s why you need to get your users to engage with your posts.

Little precaution is specific to Facebook, however.

The new algorithm penalizes all content that encourages engagement.

So ban sentences like “like if you want to see more” or “share if you agree.”

It’s a bit the opposite of call to action in marketing.

No restriction, however, on Instagram or Twitter.

It is also on these two networks, and more particularly on Instagram that you will be able to organize contests.


Contests are a real pillar of marketing on social networks.

This is ideal for gaining users and therefore contacts.

For example, you can ask participants to enter their email addresses to validate their participation.


Another pillar of marketing on social networks: partnerships.

This will allow you to gain visibility and benefit from the notoriety of your partner in the process.

For that, preferably choose a partner who has more subscribers than you to attract more subscribers thanks to social proof.


More than anything else, social networks are great for maintaining constant contact with your customers.

They offer many more direct interactions than through a website.

Because social networks are privileged channels for customers to give their opinion on a company or a product.

And more particularly to do negative reviews.

When that happens, you have to react very quickly to avoid the bad buzz.

Don’t be afraid to engage with unhappy customers, on the contrary.

This way, they will see that you are present and available to answer their questions.

Messaging is also a powerful lever for action for your business.

People like to use this medium to ask for help or ask questions.

And the higher your response rate, the better your business will be seen.

So do not hesitate to use a chatbot to take charge of the messages quickly.

You can also leverage social proof with the notification system, like on Facebook, for example.

This allows other users to get a feel for your business.

Marketing on social networks, therefore, has great potential.

And although their appearance is not so recent, all these supports still have a bright future ahead of them!


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