Amazing Tips to keep your house tidy and clean

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Amazing Tips to keep your house tidy and clean

In our hectic routine, it’s not always easy to keep a house clean and tidy. It is, however, necessary for the well-being of all! The heap of laundry piles up in the living room, the stains on the floor, the mess in the hall are all annoyances to sweep for a pleasant indoor living.


1. Clean up as you go

Instead of always postponing the next day, it is imperative to clean your house little by little. The dishes must be done as and when the trash is emptied regularly. The more work there is, the less you want to get started. Creating a cleaning routine avoids the establishment of mold or dirt.

Adopting certain reflexes can make a real difference on a daily basis. Make your bed as soon as you wake up, clear the table just after eating, clean the bathtub with a sponge after each use, etc. Small gestures that keep the house in order.

2. Make the most of the space in the technical rooms for optimal storage

In the corners or functional rooms, we must optimize the furniture. Under a staircase, in a cellar or a laundry room, use all the space to renovate your home. In a technical room, make the furniture organize to gain storage space.

3. Choosing the right household products

Most of the chemicals are adequate. Natural products prove to effective and not harmful to the home as for the environment. It’s good to have baking soda for everything. For a cupboard, use white vinegar and lemon to remove stains. Pay attention to surfaces, more or less sensitive! For example: Olive oil can also clean sticky residues on wood or polish steel surfaces.

If you choose chemicals, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some are dangerous, can’t be mixed or used with hot water. Wear gloves to limit the contact of chemicals with the skin. Also, avoid too perfumed products as they can cause allergies. If possible, prefer the odorless product.

4. Always clean from top to bottom and from left to right

We often tend to start cleaning with what’s at eye level. It is not a good reflex! The cleaning is always done from top to bottom. So dirt and dust do not fall on what has already I have already cleaned. Also, remember in width, clean the surface from left to right.

5. Steam cleaning

Ideally, for cleaning carpets and greasy surfaces, you can buy a steam cleaner to clean your home thoroughly. Another advantage of the steam cleaner is, it will kill the mites and insects that live in the bed.

6. Use a squeegee to clean glass and other glass surfaces

Have you ever use a damp cloth to clean windows or glass tables? You may have noticed that you always leave marks on the surface after drying. To avoid this and keep the glass shiny, use a high-quality squeegee. Just add a little dish soap to a bucket of water, wash the surface with and wipe it off with a squeegee afterward.

7. Improve your dusting technique with the right tools

You may have noticed that cotton rags and paper towels are not useful tools for dusting. Instead, use a feather cloth or microfiber cloth, creates a robust static charge that attracts dust particles.

8. Rearrange your storage from time to time

We tend to choose the furniture without asking too many questions and practice by favoring aesthetics. After a while, everything overflows. “We all need to ask, to step back and sort through all the rooms of the house. Find out what we use daily and which can be set aside in the basement. Reorganize its storage to estimate what we should put away and adapt the furniture accordingly.


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