How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets With Proper Basics

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How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets With Proper Basics

When it comes to discussing some hot topics while thinking of re-modeling, then kitchen cabinets are surely one of them. While trends make some twists and turn around time, an individual question is generally asked by the homeowners, ‘how can I keep my cabinets in the kitchen clean?’ If you are not one of those conscious take carers, then it’s possible that your cabinets can be found old and out-dated. That’s a way to get them into your attention again, let’s look at some important facts about kitchen cabinets and their cleaning procedures.


What messes up the cabinets.

In every house’s story, there are always some exposed areas designed in a way that can get dirty easily. Bacteria reach these areas quicker than kitchen cabinets. Opening and shutting them continuously, grease piling up from cooking activities or humidity and condensation from outside, all of these factors are responsible for dirty cabinets. That’s why they are considered to be cleaned once a week at most if not done on a daily bases.

So while thinking of ways to start working on dirty cabinets, it’s best to apply some old-fashioned tactics. Warmed up water with an all-purpose cleaner and some heavy-duty scrubber will do best for cleaning purposes. But applying this procedure varies from every applier to the material of the cabinets. So to play it safe, below are some tips that can help you stay careful while cleaning your cabinets.


Materials for cleaning

Cleaning tactics also include some major and essential cleaning items that can be relied upon properly. That’s why we are going to mention some of them below to help everybody clean their cabinets properly and safely.

  • Water with baking soda
  • All-purpose cleaner with non-abrasive feature
  • Water with detergent
  • An all-purpose cleaning product
  • Water with vinegar


Different types of cabinets and their cleaning procedures

Wood cabinets: Cabinets are mostly and generally made with wood. That’s why to give them a good and solid clean finishing, try buying an oil-soap wood cleaner. They are easily available at nearby hardware stores. Other than that we can use some daily life materials, for example, detergent, vinegar and baking soda to clean our wood cabinets.


Painted cabinets: Painted cabinets are considered more reliable and long-lasting than the wood cabinets. They take up some strength for cleaning and can easily be tidied up with easily available all-purpose cleaners or the products mentioned before. These cabinets consist of protective finishes above paint so giving it a thorough scrub won’t be a problem. The best and all-time tip will be to use some baking soda and water to fight those bacterias field tough stained and greasy edges.

Be careful if your beans on the cabinets are water-based latex style. They are sensitive to strong liquid especially baking soda and water. So try to apply some good and warm water and non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner to get the job done. Using extra strength on your cabinets may end up scratching them so it’s best to choose medium strength for scrubbing.


Metal-based cabinets: Metal cabinets are the best and easiest to clean. They can be scrubbed with all the materials mentioned at the top, especially with the exception of baking soda because it will cut the stain much quicker and easier than other cleaners. However, make sure you don’t leave much dampness after cleaning on the cabinets or it may lead to producing rust on them.


Consistent cleaning means longevity

Above were some tips to help everybody out considering ways of keeping the cabinets tidy and shiny. It’s a good way to research your solutions before applying them because they make the task easier. Cleaning cabinets frequently will give a nice and strong home for a long time.


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