12 Great Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

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12 Great Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

As much as I love having a spotless and tidy house, I hate continually cleaning up! Cleaning, what waste of time and energy, can’t you find? If you too? Welcome to our page! So, if you also are looking for tips to help you clean the house daily, you have come to the right place!

I have prepared a list of all my best tips and tricks for more comfortable, faster, and more effective cleaning! Here are the cleaning tips that EVERYONE should know about.

1.    To start, always make the dust by cleaning from top to bottom

Always clean the dust from top to bottom. Why? Because all the dirt and dust will fall on the lower surfaces, which you will clean up afterward! Logical, right? So, start by dusting the moldings and ceiling lights. And then clean the wall shelves and furniture, letting the dust voluntarily fall to the floor. After that, all you’ve to do is vacuum or clean your microfiber broom. It will not only reduce your effort but also save your time.

2.    Use a simple fabric softener to keep your baseboards clean longer

When you do the cleaning, put a veil of the dryer on your baseboards. Not only will this clean them easily, but besides, the baseboards will stay clean longer. Thanks to the anti-static effect of the fabric softeners.

3.    Use lemon juice to clean the microwave in 3 minutes

It’s a magic trick. Not even need to scrub: all the dirt and splashes disappear with a single sponge.

4.   Easily clean dirt from window and shower rails with little brush

This ultra-practical brush helps to save time. It can easily penetrate into hard to reach places. I also use it to clean black dirt inside the shower wall rails. To replace this brush, you can also use an old toothbrush and old cloth.

5.    Use a squeegee to remove animal hair from the sofa and carpet easily

I have used this trick on my armchair, which is literally covered with my pet hair. Yuck! But with a simple shower squeegee, I removed all the hair, without any effort, and in record time.

6.    Use this tip to whiten pillows that have turned yellow

Over time, the pillows become yellow due to perspiration. It happens to everyone. This is why it is advisable to clean your pillows or cushions at least two times a month. To clean easily, use the mixture of laundry and washing soda.

7.    To soften your laundry, put adorable cactus-shaped drying balls in the dryer

The drying balls lift and separate the laundry to let the warm air pass between each garment. Moreover, it reduces the drying time by up to 25%. Thanks to these drying balls, all my clothes come out hot, dry, and without any trace of humidity. And thanks to their rounded studs, the drying balls also soften the laundry. My clothes come out soft and without static electricity, which saves me money on fabric softeners. And for those who are not fans of cacti, know that these drying balls also exist in the shape of cute hedgehogs.

8.    Easily remove dust between the keys of your keyboard with compressed air

During eating sandwiches in front of Netflix, we inevitably fall a little pile of crumbs between the keyboard keys. To remove them easily, nothing could be simpler than 2-3 sprays of this compressed air. And don’t worry, this product is specially designed for electronic devices. This means that no liquid comes out of the bomb and that there is no danger for your electronic devices.

9.   Clean your smartphone with this homemade cleaning spray

Use a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean your smartphone. You can also use a smartphone cleaning kit that is available in the market.

Microfiber cloths are the best method for cleaning any surface WITHOUT leaving traces

You can use microfiber cloths to clean windows, car bodies, stainless steel, worktops, and much more…!

10.               Refresh your mattress with a mixture of bicarbonate and lavender essential oil

Sprinkle the mixture then leave it. After a while, vacuum it and say goodbye to bad odors of perspiration. A little extra, lavender also helps you fall asleep, thanks to its natural anti-stress properties.

11.               Protect your taps from water stains and fingerprints with baking paper!

After cleaning your stainless steel taps, rub them with baking paper. Yes, simple baking paper! This tip will seem strange to you, but I promise you that it is terribly effective. The baking paper will polish the stainless steel coating and leave a thin layer of wax that protects it from water stains and fingerprints.

12.               Unclog drains quickly with white vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water

Put one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar down in the sink. After five to ten minutes, 4 cups of boil water to open the unclog drain.

I hope all the above tips help you make your house super clean. If you know any other tip, then share it with us in a comment.



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