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The world is becoming digital. People have started trading by learning secure online business portals. Through Asp.NET Development Services, the enterprise world has made custom business applications for their new and existing customers worldwide. Not only do these apps help businesses retain their customers, but they also use content management capabilities to deliver real-time updates and data to online visitors.


It is a framework for generating web pages on demand, launched by Microsoft in July 2000. It is used to implement web applications. The development of ASP.NET plays a vital role in designing corporate web portals and facilitates interaction between site components and data. It helps you create a user-friendly website that you can easily customize for your personal use.

Web portal development

If you use Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, or Wikipedia, you have used a web portal. A web portal is a web-based platform website that provides consistent information from a variety of sources. Users of the web portal can create their own information. The web portal can use the search engine API. It allows intranet users to search in place for additional content by narrowing down the search domain. The portal serves as an access point to your information. It is useful for navigating searches, personalization, and integration of information and data.

If your business requires a web application or web portal, you need an agency that specializes in custom development services. A popular platform used by programmers is Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC (or more commonly known as . NET). This platform is a powerful template-based way to build dynamic websites, explicitly isolating concerns, and giving developers full control over markup. ASP.NET also supports agile development, making it ideal for sites that use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Notable websites developed in .NET include Amazon and eBay.

Best Practices for Asp.Net Code Web Portal Development

  1. Plan and research before development

Study and investigate how the NET really helps. .NET application offers various solutions for every level of design and development. It is vital to deal with this situation and understand each approach’s strengths and weaknesses with this central development environment’s help.

It is crucial to review each option and find the solution that works best for you. Use layers to logically divide your application logic into presentation, business, and data completion layers. Not only does this help you write retention code, but you can also monitor and optimize the performance of each layer individually.

  1. Use CSS media queries. developers and programmers use modern CSS and quality HTML multimedia queries instead of control adapters (traditional methods). Previously, developers used control adapters to customize display code for a variety of devices and environments. But today, advances in technology allow developers to render such code using CSS and HTML languages. This will enable you to access the Company Portal on multiple web browsers and devices.

  1. Set the format value in the CSS style sheet.

It’s always lovely to specify formatting values ​​in a developer-friendly CSS style sheet, and you can maintain the central style value without having to configure it in your application.

  1. Stop partial page updates using page and control callbacks.

This is useless when all pages are updated without refreshing a page. Previously, developers solved this using page and control callbacks. However, recent changes in ASP .NET development allow developers to perform tasks using AJAX, Signal R, and Web API, Update Panel, or MVC Action methods. These options help developers improve the portal’s rendering to eliminate method development limitations such as URL problems and potential pitfalls.

  1. Use cookies for authentication

Most programmers follow authentic authentication techniques without cookies. But in essence, sensitive authentication data cannot be entered into a query string securely without cookies, so developers have to use security reasons.

Businesses can generate more profit and attract buyers from all over the world by using trade portals. programmers help the company achieve its goals and objectives within the given time frame.

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