Future of Web Development 2019

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Future of Web Development 2019

Staying aware of the ever-changing trends of web development is the cumbersome task. Website is the face and backbone of any business. It became a vital necessity for every entrepreneur for their online presence. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in web development is getting on the nerves of many people to keep up with the pace.

The future and scope of web development are also progressing at an incredible rate. The website has gained an important place in our daily lives. It’s not surprising that no business, even big o small can runs without a website ex: banks, Apple, corporates, etc. Sites are going to be your digital prospects’ first impression of you. The Impact of the future of web development itself can make or break your business.

Also, due to the introduction of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), it is possible that in the future, it will replace native mobile applications.

But now we’re not just discussing PWA. Modern Technologies has given us a glimpse of the future. That now, web development is not just about the browser, but instead, it can be executed on any kind of technologies.

Web developers are learning all the ropes to accustoming themselves to the new frameworks, tools, and techniques to build more robust sites.  Web development is growing at a fast pace with new technologies emerging right now.

Future of Web Development:

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the inevitable trend of web development space. It’s justifiable as a lot of progression and advancements taking place in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with countless benefits. Many leading corporate companies like Google and Microsoft have launched their AI technology for the public. Entrepreneurs can even create their own custom websites with the power of AI to promote their business.

To make a web design based on its content you just have to instruct the grid what you want, it doesn’t require coding and template. AI technology is used by corporate giants such as Google, Microsoft office for enhancing the search operation. Since AI technology is being accessible, it allows AI web developer to ask for colors, layouts needed to develop a beautiful website.

Virtual Reality

Web VR is a new web browser feature. Several leading web browser vendors are using it, including Mozilla, Microsoft, and Google. They’re also helping to define the feature & the future of how virtual reality may be integrated into the web browsing experience. At its core, where Virtual Reality enables web content built using JavaScript and handles the very simple devices available.

Easy access and URL addresses with no downloads allow open ability of website for everyone. It also allows us to create and distribute the content without having to go through an app store.

360-degree Videos

The 360-degree videos provide incredibly enhanced users experience. It contributes to the future of web development significant impact on web design and development. It also helps to draw more attention and also increases the power of interaction of more views.

Accelerate Mobile Page

AMP is an open-source feature backed by Google. The main aspect of AMP is to speed up the process of how fast a data set can be displayed to the user. How long can the user wait for a link to open after he/she clicks on it? Few seconds? AMP helps to enhance the loading speed of your website content and use data EIGHT times less than traditional ones.

The job of a web developer is simplified by the introduction of new tools. Gone are the days when flat designs and flashy animations are used in web design. Now the web development is more tending towards videos as backgrounds, custom graphics, using better frameworks such as Bootstrap with advanced CSS features in the web design world. Let’s wait to see more innovations advancing in the field of web development in the near future.

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