SEO Tips to Boost Organic Rankings

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SEO Tips to Boost Organic Rankings

People use a search engine to gain more information about the products and services that they are interested in purchasing. Nearly 40,000 search queries typed on every second into Google and these add up to 3.5 billion searches conducted in a day or 1.2 trillion searches are estimated on an annual note of search engine.

If you want to generate business’s traffic online via the Google search, then you’ve to deal with some fierce competition.

Since there are billions of search conducted on every day on Google, it means you’ve to face strong competition on search engine optimization game to gain traffic.

As Digital Marketing acts as a bridge that connects your customers with your business and essential tool to generate leads, search engine optimization is an essential tool that enhances the quantity and quality of traffic on your website and improves your ranking on the search engine. There’re various factors that define your search engine ranking on Google. But it mainly decided through page rank which is an algorithm that is used to rank a website on search engine optimization result. The algorithm of Google changes from 500 to 600 time per year but there’re myriad things that can help you to ensure maximum chance of people to find your content.

Create quality Content 

In SEO, content is king. It is a backbone of search engine optimization as it holds your audience attention. Meaningful and relevant content is a useful bait to hold your visitors n your page. More people read your content means more traffic drives on your website. If your content is not worth reading all the tips and the tricks are useless.

Fresh and high-quality content is glitter that attracts your visitors and entices them to return your business website again. You can also consider making your content:

Linkable: If your content is not well-written, likable, and unique then it won’t rank very high.

Long: most of the people assume that only short content gets read whilst long content gets tossed aside. But it’s all wet, truth is that long, informative content with good information tends to rank significantly higher on Google’s pages.

Keyword inclusion: Keywords in your content are very essential as it allows the audience to easily find your content. And also help to look for what you’ve offered.

Meta title tags

A title tag is an HTML code on the header of the web page. It specifies the title of your web page and helps the search engine and your target audience to understand the content on the page. It is optimal format is looking like this:

Primary Keyword(s) – Secondary Keyword(s) | Brand Name


SEO Tips that can boost Organic Rankings – Graphics, Web Design, and Digital Marketing | MWS

It is crucial for search engine result page, web browser, and social networks. An ace Meta title can be the make-or-break factor that helps you to determine whether or not someone clicks on your link.

Meta Description

A Meta description is HTML concise summary of the content of web page. The ideal Meta description length should be 160 characters. It is the first impression for the search engine and users have of your web page.  


URLs stand for uniform resource locators. It is a human-readable text design to replace the IP address. The computer uses this IP address to communicate with the server. It provides an easy to understandable indication for both human and search engine. It is important to improve user experience, mobile search ranking, links, and readability.

Optimizing Images

Choose the right image for a web page to rank high.


    Strength: versatile, small file size

    Weakness: loss of the fine details

    Best use: full-color photographs


    Strength: small file size, allows for animation

    Weakness: loss of quality of photographs

    Best use: icons, graphics with few colors


    Strength: versatile, supports transparency

    Weakness: larger file size, doesn’t support CMYK

    Best use: graphical elements


Links are also a crucial source of ranking power. Always make sure each link is particular web page it is linking to. 

Internal link: helps people to navigate on your site, reducing bounce rate and provides your audience with further reading options.

External link: provides link juice to an internal link. A Search engine considers the internal link as third party vote.

For gaining high organic ranking effort and consistent attention is crucial. These are some very basic tips that help you with your SEO effort. Comment below if you want to share any other beneficial strategy.

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