Importance of Website for Small Business

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Importance of Website for Small Business

Do you know what the website is and how much it is imperative for the success of any organization and business? In its bare form, website is a single domain and collection of related network web resources or web pages. Well! You might think that I know “what is a website?” Of course! You know. But we all don’t know is the benefits of websites that it can provide to our business. 

You can understand its importance by buying behavior trend of consumers. Most of the customers are looking online for information to make a smarter purchasing decision. Research of e-commerce foundation shows that 88% of customers prefer to gain product information before purchasing online or in the store. I’m shocked to witness the report that 44% to 51% of small businesses don’t have websites. When I saw these statistics the first time, I could not believe it. These statistics made me think that I should have to write an article on the Importance of websites for small businesses.

A professional website is necessary if you want to thrive your business in the modern marketplace. Websites are the backbone of our concerns, whether it is small or big. Ace websites are significant support for our digital marketing efforts. Below, we’ll discuss the scope of the website for our business success, and what website development companies in New York can do for your business?

What is the scope of web development for business?

If you have a business but don’t have a website, then you’re losing most of the great opportunities that can boost your company. It can extend to every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Website can enhance your business credibility. It allows customers to see what your brand is all about.

Search Engine Optimization

In this internet and smartphone era, the place where the utmost people in most markets go is to the internet, specifically a search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These are the most vital search engines that account for over 90% of all searches. However, Google has considered the biggest engine with about 6 of every ten searches. 93% of website traffic comes with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When consumer search for products, services, or even challenges, Search Engine give them a wide array of websites relevant to their topic. Cut to the chase. If you want to start up your game, a website is necessary.

Social Media

If you’re using third-party social media sites to engage your customers, you should have a place, to send your customers when they want to get more information about your products. Your website serves as a “home base” where you can upload content, information, or advertisement to drive the customers back to your website.

Content Marketing

Websites also play a significant role in content Marketing. Whether it is a blog post or product description, your content needs a place to live. Website is a perfect house where you can place all the content relevant to the business that you creates and inform to engage the target audience.

Email Marketing

Importance of websites for Email marketing is also imperative.  If you’re doing email marketing to engage your customer, you may need a place to send them to convert. A website is an ideal place where you can send your email subscribers when they want to get more information about your business or products or even make a purchase.

PPC Advertisement

PPC advertisement is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to promote their products and services. It also plays a significant role to enhance customers who’re interested in your products. But it also needs a place to lead customers.  A Website can influence your customers when they click on your PPC ads. The ultimate goal of your website should be to answer all the questions that can come in your consumer mind.

Statistics and facts about businesses in New York

New York is the city of small businesses. 99.8% of small businesses make up all New York Businesses. Website is paramount for the success of small businesses. Statistics show that most of the clients prefer to deal with businesses that have a websites. Cut to the chase. Engaging the people with your favorite brand and influencing them to buy is the key to grow a successful business. This can’t be done without a website. 

According to recent research, 35% of small business owner consider their business is too small for a website. In 2018, 46% of small companies didn’t have a web presence (Source: The Balance Small Business).

Small businesses get 126% more lead with a blog than those without it, and 61% will purchase after reading recommendation and online reviews.78% of small businesses use social media to attract new customers and engage existing ones. 61% of consumers use email to contact with brands.

What’re the benefits of having a business website?

Setting a goal before designing a website is essential to reduce its chances of failure. 72% of businesses websites receiving a grade 59/100 (HubSpot). The main reason of website failure is due to not having clear business objectives.

Improve Business Credibility

Your business website is your online business address where customers, clients, and associate go to find you on the internet. So, the importance of a website for a business can’t be ignored.

The home page of your website design represents your branded value proposition, about us page, tell all about your business, and contact us page tell us how we can touch base with you.

Websites give your business an online identity and enhance your credibility. Don’t become airhead into thinking that having a company page on Social Media like Facebook is enough to improve your business credibility.

The Survey of 2015 shows the importance that why a business needs the website, 84% of customers believe that having a business websites means you’ve your own domain, it makes the company more credible than that of Social Media page.

Build your Business

Advancement in technology, growth of the internet, the influence of social media, and the popularity of mobile devices or smartphones have made the website an imperative and crucial tool to build your business. It’s a great and modern way to share your story that why you started this business? What are your important goals? And what’re you expecting from it? Hence, the website provides you a great platform to share your experience and expertise.

Enhance your online presence

There are 7.4 billion people in the world, 3.4 billion people or 47% use internet daily to search for information, sharing on social media, and shopping on e-commerce websites. It is expected to grow more in the near future as the world becomes increasingly dependent on mobile technology.  The statistic shows that 65% of online traffic on websites have come through mobile devices so, Business with a website can boost your company.

Build strong relationship with your Market

For almost all entrepreneur the business is a living, breathing entity. Loyalty and trustworthiness in business can only be achieved when customers trust you and believe that they’re dealing with a company that understands their needs, and confident about you that you’re not just a profit producing company.

Importance of a good website for a business can also be understood by its worth in market place. It is a reliable place to let the market know “Who you’re?” address the needs of your market, educate the market of your business, and it is also helpful to improve customer service as it gives your end-user more options to relay concerns.

Efficient way to enhance your business

Are you still using traditional forms of marketing, like flyers, press releases, print ads, distribution point-of-purchase material? Believe me, you’re wasting your valuable resources, time, and money. Because tradition methods cost you a lot and cover less gross. While online marketing is the fastest, more efficient, and inexpensive way to thrive your business.

There’re many tools and techniques that you can use for online marketing but without a website all is vain. Imagine, your website is sun and online marketing tools are planets that are revolving around it. Your inbound marketing effort will create inbound avenues in a specified destination place, and this place is your website. Popular marketing tools include social media, blogging, Email Marketing, Videos, and much more. Online marketing is a sustainable process, as it not waste your content, you can easily update it, and reuse your content after a few months.

Boost your Reputation as an Authority

If your business is facing great competition in the industry, the website will give you an ideal platform to boost your reputation as an authority.

Statistic result reveals that blogging is the cornerstone in the content marketing process. More than 434% indexed pages are present in those websites which have a blog. 47% of customers read 3 to 5 blogs before engaging a sale rep. 

Set up a podcast to discuss the topics that interest your audience in your websites and conducting seminars on your website is a great way to share your knowledge with the market.

Create a Tools for Sale Generation

A website is an awesome tool for generating income. Because business websites are termination or exit point in the sales funnel.

Converting sales on Social media is a daunting task, as there are no available mechanisms to complete the transaction on the spot. For instance, in e-commerce websites, services and goods are paid for the right way via the checkout counter.

Websites are also a great source of passive income via PPC add, as advertisers will pay you per clicks as a user clicks through their ads into your website.

Showcase your work

If you want to gain a clear advantage in online marketing, open your personal website and include pages to showcase your bodywork. Whether you’re offering interior design services, content writing, professional web design services, or other types of work, your portfolio page will encourage more clients to try you out. 

Now, you do not need to hire a manager all over the country. A website is a perfect venue to present a sample of your work.

What websites development companies can do for your business in New York?

Your website is your asset and an essential online extension of your company. There’re many web development companies in New York. The perfect web development company will focus on the technical aspect of your web design, such as the ROI. These companies not only focus on web design to turn site visitors into paying customers but also focus on aesthetic value. The web designer also gives proper attention to color choices, design elements, graphics, and the way the website feels in overall relation to your brand.

A reliable and professional Web Design Company can also create web page content that can be optimized for the search engine. SEO website content will make it easy for target customer to find information about a relevant topic and your products on search engine like Google.

Users experience is as important as the hard web designs for your business. Because Google loves those websites whose users are happy. Web designer Companies will also give attention to the flow of your website in terms of navigation, as it tells Google that you’re a concern how customers or users can access you and interact with your website. see the website of union complex by click on luxury apartments in Lahore.

Website is the most important tool to generate business in this digital world.

A business without a website loses a lot. Whether it’s a small retail shop or a corporate business, digital presence has become the most important aspect of the business as far as brand awareness and business reputation are concerned.

If you need help to design an attractive website for your business that’s according to search engine optimization guidelines and easy to navigate than it’s time to get in touch with an expert. Hire our professional web designer who has the experience and training to build a functional and aesthetic beautiful website. We offer a variety of web design solution to meet your needs.

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