Top 5 POS System for Restaurants as We Have Discovered!

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The point of sale or service (POS) is a term that applies to a software system that is introduced for the merchandise. The POS system has reduced the time and the inventory management hassle as it computes everything with an automated system. It helps the merchant to calculate the amount that is owned by the customer, show of the money in figures, automated preparation of invoices, and the guidance for customers as to how they can pay the prices with different options. It is widely used these days as the best iPad restaurant POS system. How you will engage with the activity is to get the help of a software house that will produce the custom made POS system as per your shop or restaurant’s needs and requirements.   

List of the Names and Features of the Best POS iPad Restaurants

Check out your own feasibility but as per my research, the following POS systems are the most effective web application that different clients are using across the United States of America.

  1. TouchBistro
  2. Square
  3. Lightspeed Restaurant
  4. Upserve
  5. Revel POS

1- TouchBistro

TouchBistro was developed as the restaurant POS system from the start. It has earned the name of the best POS system for restaurants. It is considered to be the top in the list with more than 12,000 places not just in the US but around the globe are using it as the merchandise software. TouchBistro has made transactions of more than $6 billion in the world. The interface is so flexible and user-friendly, and staffing, as well as inventory management, has been made quite easy. TouchBistto owners claim that it carries approximately 200 different features, and in fact covers everything that any restaurant in the world needs, at any time. It is considered ideal for iPad POS due to its cost-effectiveness and timely customer support for sure.

2- Square

Square is definitely leading the restaurant industry with its easy menus, inventory management, lots of features and a good level of customer support. You can easily consider it as one of the best restaurant POS iPad application that is available for places like the full-fledged restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, table counters, cafes, bakeries, and food corners, etc. it is affordable and its functionality addresses many issues that restaurants or bar owners used to face in the past.

3- Lightspeed Restaurant

It is another phenomenal iPad POS system that is flexible and very much user-friendly. Lightspeed has an edge of integration with third-party apps with quite ease. The restaurant POS systems cost is quite less if you use this application which is designed for iPads and even operational on other systems like the Android. Clients have ease of customization as more and more industries are using this system. You can find different hotels and the e-commerce industry to use it with effectiveness. The photo addition of each meal is an additional feature with Lightspeed Restaurant.

4- Upserve

Upserve was originally named as Breadcrumb POS. It is rebranded for the reasons best known to the organization and ownership. It is rich with different features and here you can find multiple options like the order taking sales. Inventory track record detection, online order management, bill split options, and the training mode is also available. Upserve has a very extensive analytical system. That allows its users to have full information about the orders, billings, and they can easily track back anything they want to.

5- Revel POS

Revel Pos system is fully designed with a restaurant in mind by the development team. So, it is all dedicated to being amongst the best POS iPad restaurants system developed and in operations. It manages the finance and accounts of any restaurant, and with an edition of sales inventory control, and staffing. Revel has a different approach with an offer of loyalty program feature as the basic ingredient. Its delivery system features monitors the routes with schedules, dispatch, rider monitoring, and a system based time estimate calculation.

Concluding Remarks

We have tried to search the study some of the best POS systems for restaurants that are operational not only in the USA but around the globe. These systems are doing great and providing services to a number of clients. But it is our research and analysis and yours can vary. Don’t forget to share your experience and if you know some other POS System that is really doing a great job and not included in our top five selection then do mention it in the comments section. Thank you….!!

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